Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Hey everybody! I am full of thanks today. Steve and I left after church on Sunday to spend the week with his family. It was unplanned. We had actually intended to spend the holiday at home baking our own turkey and Steve's famous crescent rolls. Last week, though, his dad had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The surgery itself was radical in it's scope and did serve to alleviate a considerable amount of pain that he had been living with. I am grateful.

Today, we are with all but one of Steve's brothers and sisters. There are 8 siblings total. Dave and his family live in Illinois so they won't be joining us (he's the oldest). Mike and Jennifer just moved back to Southern California after a 10 year stint in Illinois themselves. They have 3 of the most beautiful girls in the world. Steve is third oldest. Richard comes next. He and Leah have 4, 2 girls and 2 boys. Then there's Melanie, still single and enjoying her career as a high school math teacher. My kids love Aunt Melanie - she's the most fun of all! Next is Nathan and Michelle, Julie and Bobby, then the baby Rob and his beautiful wife Amy they belong in a magazine layout for most attractive young couples.

So let's recap: that's seven siblings and 6 spouses; Mike's 3 girls, Steve's 3 kids, Nathan has 2, Julie has 4 - 2 of her own and 2 she's adopted, Grandma and Grandpa, a puppy named Bruiser and a cat that's making himself scarce. If you can tell me how many people that makes, I'll have a special gift for you.... e-mail your answer to and I will send you a special coupon to redeem your prize at the store! By the way, it's fairly quiet at the moment, just my family and Amy and Rob and Grandma and Grandpa...I'll be hunting for something spiked when everyone gets here in a few hours...imagine the noise level!!!

Love to all who read this. I am grateful for your friendship and support. My wish for you today is that you be able to put aside anything that upsets you and that you be able to focus on your family, friends and happy things you have in your life. For these things may we remember to be grateful today and always!! Jen

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girl's Night Out Midnight Crop

Hey everybody!! I don't know about the rest of you, but I had the best time last night at our Girl's Night Out Midnight Crop! We saw some new faces at The Cottage and, Oh My Gosh!!! They were the most fun group!!! We were all giggling long into the night! What was your favorite item to dip into the chocolate?? I'm totally down for the bananas and the cinnamon twists....did you like the strawberries, the marshmallows.....??

I know, I's not about the food, it's about the SCRAPBOOKING!! Yeah, Yeah. I get it. It's just that the chubby-cheeked girl in me had as much fun playing in the chocolate fountain as I did admiring everyone's projects. I saw one of the cutest softball/baseball albums to date. One of our guests was working on a wedding album for a friend - what a GREAT gift!!! I love what we do!!

Keri with Lia Sophia really went "all-out" with her give-aways, don't you think? I am still ga-ga over the beautiful ring she gave me as a "Thank-you" for booking a party!! A little bit of luxury (even costume luxury) really serves as a great "pick-me-up". Here's a picture of the ring right here
the design is called "Constellation". Nice, huh?

Speaking of "pick-me-ups", mention this blog post and get an additional 20% off your entire purchase at The Scrapbook Cottage. Offer expires 11/24/2008 discount not offered on Cachet Candles. Please mention code word - "pick-me-up" at time of purchase to receive discount.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Hey everyone!! Hope it's a GREAT day for you! I went to my favorite Dental Hygienist on Wednesday... whew! She did a fantastic job for see, I'm a chicken. Probably you already knew that, though. Anyway, her name is Temple and she was so patient with me! Thanks, Temple.

Did you make it to the Fisk-a-Friendzy this last weekend in Virginia City? Fiskars and Angela really put on a fantastic event for us! To see a video posted by Stephenie - one of the original Fiskateers - go to youtube at I think I did a pretty good job of looking like a dork....don't you? It takes effort for some, comes natural to me.

Wassail from Basic Grey came in this week along with Cloud 9's Christmas Joy line. For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, we've got some beautiful Hanukka themed papers and embellishments just waiting for your projects!

Good things are just around the corner for all of us...if you have a minute,come on down to the cottage for a's on, cocoa is waiting. There's usually some little treat ready to be enjoyed. While you're here, we'll show you what's new and what's exciting in our neck of the hobby world.

See ya Soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Only 2 days to Virginia City and a Fisk-a-Friendzy!!

Hi everybody!! Just 2 days left to prepare for the Fisk-a-Friendzy!! Are you planning your outfit?? I just got mine all together...I must say...I'm gonna be lookin' pretty Fiskar-ish!!

What does Orange smell like?? That's the only thing I haven't figured out I want to smell like orange or like Fiskars.....and what is that smell? Fruity? New Car? Hmmmm.....any ideas? Anyone? I've got a 5 page kit of Sassafrass "Fawnd of You Too" for the best smelling idea that comes to me by Friday night 11/7/2008. (remember: we close at 8 now...)

Have I told you guys how smart my dad is? I was talking to him this morning about this whole economy thing. Something wasn't making sense to my small mind....I wanted to know why gas prices were going down. It didn't click with my why all of a sudden supply and demand had changed. Don't we still have the same supply we had 6 months ago? Did somebody find a new oil well nobody was aware of??? Truly, I was shocked....gas at a convenience store(usually the most expensive) was only $2.48 a gallon!! What's up with that???

So, you guys probably already knew this, so you'll have to forgive my naivete or lack of intelligence or whatever you want to call it....but here is Joe's informed answer to my question...(I love my dad!!)

Gas prices are not motivated as much by supply and demand as the media would have us fact, at least in this go-around (as opposed to the 70's), our gas prices sky-rocketed because of the value of the U.S. dollar fell. No, it's true....look it up (google is amazing! Joe recommends Forbes magazine as a great source). As the value of the dollar fell, our oil purchasers were forced to compensate by putting more dollars behind our purchases of barrels of oil.

Still think the "bail-out" was a bad idea? I personally am undecided. I am a survivor and will make do no matter the situation but let me point out something ... immediately after the bail-out occurred, gas prices started falling....why? The value of the dollar began to increase, fewer dollars had to be used to buy oil....this is trickling down to us at the pumps ... Steve even texted a picture of the gas pump reading $78.00 after completely filling our Suburban's gas tank. I filled up the "Doodle Bug" for just $34 just the other day and prices are still coming DOWN!

Joe told me to relax about the economy this morning. He reminded me that it has been much worse in the past and the fact that the dollar is increasing in value is a really good sign. There is money to be invested, investors are just holding back...waiting and watching..... He also said that based on everything he's been reading, it will probably be 2010 before we really feel the recovery but it will happen. It always does. This is not blind faith, it is historical fact.

In the meantime....let's all hunker down and be conservative with our we don't need it...let's not buy it. Strange talk for a gal who's family depends on retail spending for it's very existence. But truly....we're in it together! I am very aware that if I want you to spend money at The Scrapbook Cottage, I need to provide a good reason.

Take a look around. Scrapbookers shop pay attention to pricing when you go to your local scrapbook stores and big box stores. The Scrapbook Cottage is offering prices that are very competitive. Many stores, like Micheals, actually raise their prices above MSRP to compensate for discount programs. We DO NOT do that!

Prices in our store do not exceed the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. We do not inflate our prices to offer you a false discount. I believe these practices are an insult to the consumer. Sure, it's fun to be "preferred customer" and to be offered a discount on every purchase of 15 or 20 percent. But pay attention...what price is that discount coming from and what price are you paying after the discount is taken? I have heard from our customers that our every day pricing, in many cases, is as much as 30% lower than others. Plus, our coupons offer genuine discounts. If you're not getting them....get your email address to us.

In the near future, The Scrapbook Cottage will be introducing it's own program for loyal shoppers. When it is finally can rest assured that it is GENUINELY a discount program that GENUINELY REWARDS you for your support of our store through loyal business relationships.

OK. enough of my soap box. There are 3 things I want you to take away from this blog today...

#1 - what does a fisk-a-teer smell like? (sassafrass prize waiting for best "smelling" suggestion!)

#2 - The Scrapbook Cottage appreciates your business. We're hangin' in there right along side of you. Things will get better for all of us.

#3 - The Scrapbook Cottage will be introducing a rewards program soon. Make yourself heard...tell us what you'd like to see!!

Have a great day....make something fun for someone'll be glad you did when you see them smile!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now that THAT's over...

I cannot tell you how glad I am to be on this side of the 2008 Presidential Election! What a relief that, for better or worse, we are done with the decision making. I'm hoping that now we have decided who is the best choice for President, we'll be able to focus a little more on each other and the things that truly make us happy.

I have been so fortunate over the last few months to have met so many wonderful people at The Scrapbook Cottage. This week, especially, has found many of you seeking out materials for your ATC's. What fun it's been!!

I can't wait to see all our Fiskateer's at the event in Virginia City! Most of all, I'm grateful for the feeling of warm welcome I've recieved from all of you, Fiskateer or closet Scrapbooker....we have a beautiful community that I'm honored to be a part of!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Deal...Great Help....

Okay, so my camera's battery went dead and now I can't find the darned charger. I MUST have my camera for this little off I went to RC Willey in Damonte Ranch. That's where Steve bought the camera so I thought for sure that they'd have a spare charger.

So, I get there...I'm in a total rush and completely mad at myself because I left in the middle of packing clothes for this little getaway and Steve's due to be home any minute and he'll be wanting to know why I allowed myself to be distracted when we've got a 3hr drive to for this little faux-cation......(thanks Ang)

Whew.....anyway, there I am looking for a charger for my camera's battery (it's a Sony) when I spy this cool looking little HP 4x6 photo printer on a shelf. I poked at it and it didn't move or make a weird noise, but it didn't have a price tag anywhere. You see, I've been looking for such a thing ever since Martha and I got to attend the Fiskars Finest "Orange Carpet Event" in Chicago where Angela took those *smashing* photos of me with Heidi Grace and Amy of Cloud9 Design. So this fellow breezes past me and I catch his attention. Totally leaving the printer behind...the battery is my mission....

Nope. No battery. No Charger. Story of my camera's life....gotta go direct to Sony...dang!!! So, you know me....gotta make some lemonade...."hey fella, how 'bout this here much is it?" He procedes to poke it around and finally agrees with me that there's no price on it. He heads over to his inventory thingy and comes back to tell me that it is normally $199.99 and is on sale for $99.99 ...."Say what?!"

Alright, so I'm thinkin'::: what's wrong with it??? why so cheap??? I've been pricing them and it's a total no-go for anything under $100. Naturally, I start asking questions....a LOT of questions. The suspicious kind. Needless to say, this fellow decided there were bigger fish to fry over in the car audio department...he had better things to do than listen to some suburban mom/CIA wanna-be fret over a hundred dollar he left me.

I was a little crushed, I'll admit. But being familiar with rejection in a variety of forms, I allowed the computer with the BIG GREEN sign announcing internet access to draw the attentions of my heart, they don't call it "retail therapy" for nothin'. Besides, before MaryAnn left me in charge of the store, she showed me this magical place called "GOOGLE" where you can learn anything about anything....even how to get your key unstuck from a door lock. (surprisingly useful information....)

So I'm standing there googling this printer to find out why it's so cheap and where it falls in the line-up of HP printers as far as features and such when this guy walks up to me and says, "I hear you're interested in a photo printer??"

I figured he was probably upset about me looking at the BEST BUY website right there in his store. I got a little defensive and explained that I was trying to figure out if this printer that has an MSRP of (get this....) $249.99 and is on sale for $99.99 is a piece of junk or if it's worth taking a leap of faith and buying. A hundred bucks is hard to come by these days, ya know....

He smiled at me....I melted.....(I do that) He offered to help me find out what the deal was. Even did a little hunting for information himself....said they had a number of them on-hand and even more at their warehouse in Salt Lake. I couldn't help myself. I wanted, and therefor needed, a printer just like this one and it's model number was the highest I'd seen of all the HP printers I'd been looking at ..... it had to be a good deal. Then my phone rang....uh oh....Steve!!!!

Thank goodness the reception is bad in the store. I didn't answer and explained to my freindly fellow that my husband was probably wondering what was so important that I hadn't packed for paradise yet. Gratefully, he said, "C'mon. I'll walk you to the cashier so you can get out of here faster". Away we went.

A delightful young lady, named Dottie, rang me up. Total with tax $107.and change. AMAZING!!! It was just then that I realized I hadn't even thanked the man who'd gone out ofhis way to help me. When I turned to ask his name I half expected him to have disappeared like the lone ranger. Instead, he wrote his name on a card and thanked ME, for the sale!!! Imagine that! Gratitude for my business...Amazing!!!!

I've gotten so used to being snubbed for troubling the sales staff at various stores around town I was shocked! How refreshing is that?? Someone was actually happy that I came into their store and spent my hard-earned money on something they were offering. WOW!!

His name: Robert Evans. His department: Electronics (I think). His motivation: to do his job and do it well. He actually said he wasn't out to sell me what he thought I needed but what I thought I needed. Am I going back? You bet! Will I ask for Robert Evans? Darn Straight....he's not afraid of my questions.....that makes me feel good. Am I recommending you go to RC Willey and ask for Robert Evans....please do. He was great for me and I know he'll do a great job for you! Tell him I sent you!! See if he remembers me....

Plus, that deal on the printer was FANTASTIC!!! We'll be using it in the store...come check it out!! It's all pretty and shiny.... ;-D You can find it on page 8 of their Labor Day Sale ad... turns out it's what we call in retail: a "loss-leader" - a buy so great you have to at least go into the store to check it out and while you are there you'll buy something even more expensive and maybe a few more things to go along with it....oh, and don't forget that new bedroom suite you've been dying for.... uh huh..... Ladies, they've got our number....they just don't have our least not my Sony one..... Robert Evans....Thank you.

My faux-cation at the Hilton in paradise is waiting....see you all when I get back - Jen

Labor Day!!!!

Hey everyone!!! It's Labor Day weekend and a lot of you are out of town or setting up for picnics to celebrate the end of summer. Well, I got myself a wild hair and decided to close the store for the day. I'm sorry if this puts a wrench in your plans. Next time, I'll make the college girls keep it open for you....promise. They could probably use the hours anyway.

Okay, so here's the deal: Steve and I are loading up the kids and scurrying away to a Hilton in Sacramento. Can you believe we haven't been away as a family since February!!! This is a big deal for us....we have annual passes to Disneyland (interpret as: The Gibson's are Escapists), and we haven't even used them!!!!

Anyway, I'm on my way to get a new battery for my camera....then it's time to pack....did I tell you the pool is open until MIDNIGHT???!!!!

Hope you're having a great weekend and finding yourself grateful for a break from labor, I am....see you when we get home....Jen